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Ray Jetton Custom Healy Frequencies

I am so pleased to work with both Healy World and the parent company TimeWaver. The mission of both companies, resonate with who I am and what I am about.

My life’s mission is: To make a difference, one way or another and Glorify God in doing so.

About Ray Jetton

I’m a Frequency entrepreneur, A TimeWaver Frequency and McMakin device owner and user, as well as a Healyworld member and leader.

Frequency technology caught my attention several years ago, when I met a holistic practitioner that used her device to scan my bio energetic field to determine areas of where my own frequencies may be out of balance. It brought light to things that only I would know about. "It was like it knew what was going on in my body."

It was only a few months after Healy came in to the US market that I purchased my first Healy Resonance frequency device. It has been so much fun learning what the Healy can do to balance and harmonize the Bio Energetic field. And now to also incorporate the Parent company, TimeWaver Frequency with McMakin applications as well. 

TimeWaver and Healy World Company Owners


Marcus Schmieke

The TimeWaver Frequency system is based on the original TimeWaver concept and system, developed by Marcus Schmieke, the inventor of Information Field technology.

Christian Halper

Christian Halper

Co-founder of Healy• Background in electrical and  communications engineering. Entrepreneur and founder of the SUPERFUND hedge fund• Investor in sustainable technologies and vegan/vegetarian restaurants and nutritional concepts 

Two Important Members of the Scientific Advisory Board

Nuno Nina

Nuno Nina

Portuguese researcher and frequency application expert Nuno Nina is the director of several integrative medicine clinics, specializing in cell biology. He compiled 144,000 so-called Gold Frequencies in his work and assigned them to specific conditions. His work complements and advances the technology of the TimeWaver Frequency system.

Carolyn McMakin

Dr. Carolyn McMakin

Carolyn McMakin, D.C. is an American teacher, researcher and pioneer of interfering dual frequency applications, termed FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent). Her work and knowledge of over 25 years form the basis of the TimeWaver Frequency McMakin system.

It is my pleasure to know and be trained by these life changing, paradigm shifting influencers.

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