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healy frequency device

Kimberly S.

As a nurse, I enjoy using the Healy in my practice to analyze areas of low frequency in my clients bioenergetic field. This helps me gain understanding as I work with my clients to balance and harmonize challenges that my clients see me for with success.

~Kimberly S., RN, BSN

Health is Wealth-Nurse Coach

Chadd H.

“The Healy is an incredible device. It has sped up my personal transformation process and improved my health in so many ways! It’s like a digital apothecary at your finger tips. You’re sleeping on this if you don’t already have one!”

~Chadd H.

Frequency Healing Specialist

healy healrh

Robbin K.

The Healy changed my life for the better.

 For 8 years I had pain on the right side of my body beginning with tooth pain, then joint pain that  went down to my right shoulder my right elbow my right knee and down to my right foot it also affected my speech.


A few months after using Healy, the pain is now GONE!!


I use my healy on a daily basis. It is relieved my anxiety and improved my mental and physical health. 


I am so grateful of the knowledge I've gained by using it on a daily basis and for an improved lifestyle. 


Robbin K,


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