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Improve Your Health & Wellness

Healy is the only patented, wearable personal frequency device that can actually analyze as well as deliver your personalized "IMF" or Individualized Micro-Current Frequency to your bioenergetic field. 


  • Use the Healy to improve your physical wellness and mental health.

  • The unique technology from Healy and TimeWaver, aids your body with balancing and harmonizing your bioenergetic field.

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what is healy frequency device

Healy is a Class IIa medical device cleared for the treatment of chronic and acute pain, arthritis, and muscle soreness due to overexertion. It also has many other non medical uses to balance and harmonize the Bioenergetic Field.

TimeWaver is the Parent company of the Healy. They are known as the Cadillac of frequency devices on the market. They have been manufacturing the practitioner model frequency devices since 2007 

We use the TimeWaver to customize “Individual Microcurrent Frequencies” ("IMF") programs that can be uploaded to a Healy or MagHealy for your individual needs.

This is a proprietary technology from TimeWaver.

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The Healy

The Healy is a compact device that seamlessly syncs with your Apple or Android smartphone. It uses the power of Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) programs to harmonize your Bioenergetic Field, catering to various crucial aspects of life.

Our Services:

  • Personal Frequency Analysis with a Professional Model Healy for health, homeopathic, and holistic harmony

  • Healy Aura and Chakra Balance Session- Assists in balancing the chakras with our aura module.

  • Healy Coaching Session- personal and business-related analysis in various categories such as love relationships, emotions, self-worth, as well as finance and career with the Healy coaching module. 

TimeWaver Frequency Expert Services

The TimeWaver Frequency system introduces numerous opportunities for wellbeing that extend beyond the realm of medical procedures. It broadens the horizons of possibilities, offering innovative avenues to enhance overall wellness and vitality. This will allow us to drill down and focus on specific needs or desires from our clients.

Our TimeWaver Frequency Session includes a 60 minute in-depth session.

Support for Practitioners

The TimeWaver Frequency system operates autonomously, requiring minimal operator intervention. This allows users, including medical practitioners, naturopaths, and physiotherapists, to have more time available to attend to other patients. This experience is substantiated by the feedback of thousands of users worldwide who have benefited from the system's efficiency and time-saving capabilities.

Custom Healy & MagHealy
Expert Programs

There are many amazing categories and exciting programs already in the Healy for various issues or challenges, but some people would like to have their own personal program to run as they desire and choose.

  • We have many Healy and MagHealy programs for you to enjoy that are pre-built and ready for you to select and upload to your device.

  • We can custom build a program according to your individual needs


  • These programs are then housed in the Expert program section of the

        Healy 2 Pink app for the device you have selected.

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Taking Care of Your Health

Holistic Wellbeing
for Everyone

Achieving your holistic wellbeing goals and embracing life to its fullest has never been more accessible.

Frequencies for Every Aspect of Your Life

Every program and module is meticulously crafted to specifically target and enhance different aspects of your life.

Fits Seamlessly Into
Your Day

Experience the convenience of the Healy World devices, which are compact, portable, and lightweight, allowing you to use them wherever you go.

what is healy

Dave Griggs

Wow, this Healy device is amazing! I can't stop talking about how it has helped me and so many of my friends!

I Love My Healy!


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